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What BAIPTO Offers?


A webinar is an educational, informative or instructional presentation that is made available online, usually as either video or audio with slides.

Offline training

BAIPTO comes with feature of offline training to enhance social interaction between trainers and learners. Offline training helps trainers to put their point across each student more conveniently.

Online Testing

Online training help trainers to remember and retain information provided through interactive course material such as through online videos, movie clips, online quiz, and many more.

Video Courses

To add life to E-learning and make it more engaging for trainers and learners, BAIPTO has introduced video courses as well. Such feature increases learner’s retention and participation.

Our Online Courses

Why Online Training With BAIPTO?

Quality Content with
24 x 7 Learning

Interactive concepts are strategically placed throughout each course. Images are used to emphasize certain points in the videos to learner into the subject so that he or she will be able to better relate to the concepts presented.

Offers Live

It has features such as a webinars, online training sessions, two-way writing controls and live class recording features. An instructor has the option to run ppts, videos, share screen,
all while being present in the live classroom.

Avoid Hectic
Submission Process

The process of registration and payment on BAIPTO online courses is quick and easy for not to create unnecessary delays in the delivery of content which could discourage potential learners from using the app. Luckily.

Dynamic and
Asynchronous learning

One of the vital features of our online training and education is to improve engagement and knowledge retention through asynchronous learning-i.e. the ability to learn and complete coursework at one’s own pace. Ideally, the BAIPTO platform gives the instructor permission to upload as much content as required for the learning process.

Self Analysis with
Online Testing

Online quizzes and tests can help students pinpoint areas of improvement, based on course or skill. It also helps learners to gain extra practice outside of their normal class work or ongoing courses. They know what they have learnt and they can repeat the tests for improvement. They can also compare with their fellow learners.

Assessment Management
& Live Feedback

The system allows both the learner to verify that they understood the content while at the same time the instructor can verify that the delivered materials achieved the training objectives. This also helps to establish checkpoints for the learner to know if they can move on within the course or return to previous topics to review the information again.

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